Improved business confidence

The fashion label dream was not getting off the ground

“I cannot recommend Stephanie’s work enough. I had sessions to work on issues relating to business and money; though the results have transcended all other areas of my life. When Stephanie and I first met, I had big dreams of setting up my own fashion label. I’d been working towards that dream for about 12 months but I just couldn’t seem to get things off the ground. In just six sessions, Stephanie had unlocked some deep rooted fears and anxieties that were holding me back, things that I had no idea about.

Since the sessions, things have really started to take off for me in my business. I have a new found confidence, a new ability to deal with situations that I would have found overwhelming in the past and have changed my relationship with money for the better.

My business has now launched and has won two international awards in the short time since our sessions (at the awards I had to speak in front of 300 fashion industry people – the fear of public speaking is something that we worked on in one session and I am thrilled by my ability to have done it).

I really do have to thank Stephanie for giving me the skills to get through the past couple of months with the awards, and for giving me the ability to see the future with excitement rather than overwhelm!

If you are wondering whether or not to work with Stephanie, I say do it. The results are phenomenal.” (JH)

Client: Self-employed business owner

Aim of treatment: improve confidence in ability to start own design business and to earn a good income with it; address fears around managing own finances; reduce feeling overwhelmed and unworthy, with panic and pressure in chest; reduce fear of public speaking.

Duration of symptoms: over 5 years

Therapies used: Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting

Average symptom scores (MYMOP2, Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile) out of a maximum of 6: before treatment=5.25; after 4 sessions=0

Total number of sessions: 6