Lifelong anxiety eased

IMG_0102_edited-1Anxiety was ruining every area of life

“It is amazing how something that happened in your dim and distant past can have such an ongoing impact on your life in the present, without you even being aware of it. Such subtle and not so subtle influences, that have infiltrated your life, colour views without you even understanding why?

My relationship with anxiety did not start with an unfortunate experience from work, which is what I thought, as this was when I could no longer deal with it, but actually much earlier in my life as a young child. So much of the influences of your life depend on what is said to you as a child and how you internalise or perceive those words and so what sort of impact they have on you emotionally.

Luckily, I found Stephanie who managed to untangle all of these facets and help me find a new perspective that I hadn’t seen before. I feel the beauty in what she does is that she is a guide who helps you to draw your own conclusions and so understanding comes in a very natural way.

Thank you Stephanie so much.” (AW)

Client: retired nurse

Aim of treatment: reduce anger with family members; reduce longstanding anxiety

Duration of symptoms: over 5 years

Therapies used: Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting, Colour Mirrors

Average symptom scores (MYMOP2, Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile) out of a maximum of 6: before treatment: 4; after 3 sessions: 1.5

Total number of sessions: 4