Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting removes subconscious negative beliefs

Matrix Reimprinting was developed by British EFT Master, Karl Dawson, in 2006. It is a sophisticated therapy, which utilises the power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to release the chronic effects of past trauma and stress in the subconscious mind.

Taking account of recent discoveries in the sciencific fields of Cell Biology, Trauma Psychology and Physiology, Neurophysiology (brain function), Neurodevelopment and Quantum Physics, it combines EFT with visualisation techniques to enable processing of stressful or traumatic memories in a way which is gentle, yet very effective. Contrary to some other therapeutic approaches, it is not required to relive traumatic past experiences at all, or to become retraumatised. Matrix Reimprinting further helps to identify unconscious negative beliefs and behavioural patterns formed as a consequence of these events (Conditioning) and then creates new positive images in the mind, which support more desired beliefs and outcomes (Reimprinting). Through this process, a profound transformation of any physical, emotional or performance issue can be achieved. It is possible to do Matrix Reimprinting at any point in time, whether the original events have only just happened, or occured decades ago.

The term ‘Matrix’ is derived from Quantum Physics and refers to the understanding that the universe and everything in it, including our bodies, our emotions and our memories, are forms of energy, connected in fields of information. Interestingly, this was already understood thousands of years ago by ancient Chinese philosophers and therapists, who described the flow of life energy, or Qi, along channels in the body, known as Meridians. Various therapies are in use today to balance the energy in these Meridians, from the traditional practice of Acupuncture to the most recent developments of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

Negative experiences of any sort (such as single traumatic events, repeated negative feedback or chronic stress) at any time in our lives (from womb to today) can overshadow our life path to the point of clouding who we really are. Resolving the negative learning and emotion from these past events allows us not just to become whole again, but to grow beyond our potential before the trauma (post-traumatic growth) and can help us to discover and express our true self, turning Matrix Reimprinting into a liberating development tool.

I feel very privileged to have trained with Karl Dawson himself. Please have a look at his website for more information and interesting video demonstrations. You can also sign up for his newsletter and receive his EFT quick start manual.

To find out more about Matrix Reimprinting, you can listen to an interview with me in episode 33 of the popular Holistic Path to Health podcast (HPH033) on iTunes or Stitcher (for Android).

Here is a video with a short extract from a presentation given by Dr. Bruce Lipton at the Matrix Convention in Birmingham in 2015, in which he talks about how our beliefs carry more power than reality for us and that we can change negative beliefs with Matrix Reimprinting. In this short clip he speaks about how our beliefs determine our behaviour and thereby manifest the reality of our beliefs. Henry Ford put it this way: ‘Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right!”

Which belief will you choose?