Client Testimonials

What Stephanie’s clients say

“I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity of working with Stephanie for chronic headache issues. What came out of the sessions was an unveiling of past incidents and emotional traumas which have got stuck in my system, each carrying their own energetic shackles, and cumulatively building significant blocks to moving forward in my life with freedom and ease.  It’s been such a relief to look at these episodes from a fresh, healing perspective, with Stephanie using her expertise of EFT matrix work, to carefully and thoroughly rewrite the narratives from such a wonderful place of self love. She has such skill and compassion in dancing with whatever issues come up, being totally adaptive as may be required. This has been really liberating, helping to give me access to a clearly tangible future, not only free of headaches but also being in my flow and living out my true purpose. I’m sure I will be back for more!” (CJ – recurring headaches)

“Stephanie guided me through a very scary and confusing period this year. I was not in a good place physically and emotionally due to work and wedding prep stress which led to a breakdown and some much needed time off. Stephanie was able to help me make sense of everything that I had been going through. She showed me the importance of emotions and how to listen to your body. I had been so confused about all the physical signs (sore shoulder, tight jaw, crying for no reason, digestion trouble) because I just didn’t understand. I had never really thought about self love and had no idea that stress could be so dangerous and harmful to the body. She taught me how important it is to look after myself before anyone else – the importance of boundaries and not sacrificing yourself to make other people happy. Through EFT I have learnt to love and accept myself fully, releasing myself from things that no longer serve me. I am so grateful for her support, knowledge, love and kindness during this time. I am now slowly and consciously navigating my way through my new found spiritual side which I never really new existed and hope to one day help others as much as she has helped me.” (CP – shoulder pain)

“I started working with Stephanie for support with my holistic efforts to heal the complexities of chronic Lyme and co-infections. I believe that the previous seven years of chronic stress and past traumas contributed to these debilitating infections that keep persisting despite adhering to a healthy lifestyle and comprehensive medical intervention. Matrix sessions with Stephanie have been incredibly valuable to address the emotional aspects connected not just to this illness, but also past illnesses that had a pattern of occurring during high stress periods, as well. Working with Stephanie is giving me an opportunity to heal on deeper levels, trying to shift my subconscious from “so stressed, so sick” mode back to “healthy, thankful and loving my life” mode. I always look forward to this insightful work that leaves me feeling lighter, more self-aware, centered, empowered and hopeful that I will regain my health and enjoy the freedom that comes with it. Thank you for your gifts, Stephanie! Your compassion, wisdom and healing skills are very powerful and appreciated!” (LK – Lyme disease)

“After my wife had so much success with Stephanie I decided to take a couple of sessions. The very first session I found it new and fairly novel. It was only around halfway through that first session that the impact became clear as I discovered a past experience that was still currently having a negative effect on me. Simply acknowledging the effect that some of the past still has was important. Stephanie’s skilful and caring approach allowed me to relax and turn these events into helpful experiences. I highly recommend her.” (BH – anxiety)

“Thank you once again for your help, you are an excellent facilitator of healing.” (CW – stress)

“Oh my GOSH thank you so much! What a fab session… once again many many thanks.” (DE – stress)

“Thanks again for your warmth and skill today in guiding my session – it felt like very deep work.” (JP – stress)

“Stephanie has helped me overcome some issues that have been with me for years. During the session I felt very at ease as I was guided through the treatment. Stephanie is extremely caring and thoughtful. It was a very emotional experience for me but once the session was over I felt very calm and at ease. The work Stephanie does is very powerful and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.” (MS – shoulder pain)

“Thank you for the amazing work we have done together over the past few weeks. In my life and business I can’t believe that so many changes and successes have happened already. I feel so different, so energised and so free from my old limitations. The world is full of possibilities – thank you!!” (JH – anxiety)

“The session with Stephanie was awesome, so powerful. I really enjoyed it. She is terrific.” (AB – stress)

“I really just wanted to say a massive thank you once again for the Matrix Reimprinting session. Wow. Truly powerful work and my gratitude is so deep. I feel like another person. Life changing.” (LM – fear of public speaking)

“Believe me when I say, I have been given my life back. Each of us has had some form of upset or trauma since, and before, birth. From time to time these events came back to haunt me. There are coping mechanisms one can employ, these are however, as it says on the tin, ‘coping’ strategies. Although they work for some, they had little or no effect on my wellbeing over the long term. Prescribed antidepressants made one laid back, even more than I already thought I was. I like to know about things, how the mind works, etc., and I wanted to know why I felt as I did. None of the courses I attended ‘attacked’ the cause, or helped me to understand the why. I knew about EFT, but didn’t give it much credence (it is at this point I should admit to be an avid meditator and believer in an unseen force which has protected me from birth – wish I’d listened more attentively), however synchronicity being what it is a friend asked me if I had tried EFT. A little research and I found Stephanie. Believe me when I say I have been given my life back. Yes those frightful events which triggered my ill health happened, they will always be a part of my past, however the emotion has been removed, to be substituted with a different scenario of the event, allowing me to function on a much higher vibration. I like that. Sure you have to work at it, but the rewards are, for me and others I personally know, very worth it. Thank you very much, Stephanie.” (RW – depression)

“Stephanie has a wonderfully gentle way of working with you that allows you to sneak up on your ‘stuff’ and float it away, to replace it with something so much more empowering. I felt totally cared for and cared about during our first session and I’m really looking forward to the next stage of this guided journey. Thank you.” (JG – stress)

“Stephanie is a very skilled practitioner. She greatly helped me to deal with issues from the past with great sensitivity and insight. I highly recommend her.” (JP – stress)

“Stephanie has guided me through a Matrix ‘Life Purpose’ session which touched the depth of my soul in a way that no one else did before. My own work is taking a new high and I sense a shift in my own consciousness. Thank you!” (TC – stress)

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