Reduced exam anxiety and stress

Exam stress was draining all confidence

“In my exams in the month following my sessions with Stephanie, which were the final exams of my university degree, I performed better than I had performed in any other year of exams at university. Whereas previously I had not received a mark above 64, in my final year exams I received marks of 65, 68 and 75. I believe the increased confidence in my academic abilities that I gained through tapping sessions with Stephanie was a big contributing factor to my improved performance in my final year exams. I am now looking forward to studying a postgraduate degree next year!

After just five sessions, Stephanie has helped me gain a completely new frame of mind to view my work and my life. Stephanie is easy to talk to, caring and understanding. I have been amazed by how a tapping session can uncover a previous memory or link to a problem I am facing today, that I would never have thought of on my own. Before these sessions, I would never have guessed how tapping and memory work could help me so much to come to my own conclusion about how to face problems in my life today.

Since doing these Skype sessions, I no longer feel scared about upcoming challenges in my life, but rather feel ready to embrace them. Stephanie has helped me view difficulties with academic work as an opportunity to learn rather than a sign of failure. What I have found most impressive is how far reaching the effects of these Skype sessions have been. While I began predominantly looking for help to deal with stress surrounding completing my dissertation, the calm I have found and ability to face that challenge has stretched to all aspects of my life. I generally feel as though I have a much better well being. Whereas before, I found that a problem or difficulty in one part of my life would bring me down about everything, that no longer happens. I cannot recommend Stephanie enough. Now, when I see friends feeling stressed or anxious about something, I just want to tell them how much a session of tapping with Stephanie could help them.

I am truly grateful for the way Stephanie has helped me to become a happier, and more content person, and I am positive that what she has shown me will stay with me long into my future.” (AC)

Client: Final year undergraduate student

Aim of treatment: reduce general stress, worry and anxiety about dissertation and final year exams; address sense of being overwhelmed, with low self-esteem and general low resilience; to feel happier; help with relationship issues.

Duration of symptoms: 1-5 years

Therapies used: Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting

Average symptom scores (MYMOP2, Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile) out of a maximum of 6: before treatment=4; after 4 sessions=1.8 (taken during exam preparation time)

Total number of sessions: 5