Reduced fear of the dark

Every night was filled with dread

“I cannot recommend Stephanie highly enough, for her genuine desire to help using her skills and abilities to their fullest. Her caring, gentle manner put me at ease immediately and continued through the many sessions we had together. I am so very grateful to Stephanie for freeing me from my own emotional prison… thank you.

My childhood was difficult and that was a theme which continued throughout my life. My fear of the darkness and what it holds has been with me since I can remember, and it has been paralysing at times.

Stephanie’s work has unlocked and released a great deal of the fear that was holding me back in so many areas of my life. The processes left me with a greater understanding of me and my perception of life, that had been blighted and coloured by my past. I was able to let go of so much emotional baggage and heal wounds and memories that bound me to negative emotions for so long. I feel renewed and ready to start a new chapter and to leave the, almost half a century, of pain behind me.” (SB)

Client: Single parent, part-time employed

Aim of treatment: reduce fear of the dark and improve ability to go to bed earlier; work with issues following adverse childhood events (neglect and abuse by alcohol-dependent parents, frequent home moves) and broken down family relationships; reduce stress around memories relating to brain tumour diagnosis and treatment; help with overcoming relationship breakdown.

Duration of symptoms: over 5 years

Therapies used: Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting and Matrix Life Purpose

Average symptom scores (MYMOP2, Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile) out of a maximum of 6: before treatment=4; after 11 sessions=1.33

Total number of sessions: 12