Return to career as a performing artist

Performing was impossible

“I cannot write enough to commend Stephanie for her professionalism and humanity – her input has, and will have I am sure, a lasting positive impact of my life, and for that I am deeply grateful to her.

When I learnt about the sessions I was curious but had no idea what to expect – it was a leap of faith for me, but I was so yearning for a help and change that I took it unquestioningly. Initially I was doubtful of how effective the sessions could be when I learnt they would be conducted via FaceTime/Skype but I soon realised my prejudice was ill-founded: after the 1st session I knew that despite the physical separateness, the sessions could be and were just as vivid and powerful as they would have been person to person.

Stephanie was very gentle but clear about explaining how the sessions were to unfold, and I easily came to recognise her passion for this process – and to trust her thoroughness, care and compassion in applying it. She heard and discerned very accurately the points that needed to be worked on and guided the work whilst always open to what came up spontaneously.

The tapping was instantly beneficial in taking the edge off any emotion that came up. But the process also revealed much insight in past crucial situations and beliefs, and therefore clarified where I was at in the present, offering me a wisdom for the future that was organically mine.

I looked forward to every session, but also to the new perspective they left me with, eager to put into being what had revealed itself.
The change in me was gradual, sometimes imperceptible at first but ultimately unwavering and unmistakable, despite circumstances sometimes seeming to conspire against my intentions.

I found that by the end of my 12 sessions I had somehow come a long way in progressing towards my initial goals, but mostly I found that my attitude and perspective had changed so as to give me immense hope and strength towards continuing my journey. Also the tapping is a tool I can use alone now, whenever I need to.”

Client: performing artist

Aim of treatment: support for return to career as a performing artist following divorce; re-gain confidence in ability to perform; address low self-esteem and low confidence; improve general anxiety, depression, and insomnia; come to terms with difficult childhood memories and family relationships.

Duration of symptoms: over 5 years

Therapies used: Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting

Average symptom scores (MYMOP2, Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile) out of a maximum of 6: before treatment: 5.25; after 11 sessions: 2.6

Total number of sessions: 12