Stress stops your body from healing!

Stress-relief improves recovery from injury

Have you ever had a minor injury, which took much longer to heal than you thought it would? You were doing everything your doctor and your physiotherapist advised: resting, icing, compression, elevating, but months later you were still unable to return to your previous activity levels. X-Ray and MRI scans found no cause and you were just getting more and more frustrated… Chances are, that this was due to stress and worry reducing your body’s ability to heal.

During stress the body switches into fight and flight mode and reduces all activities which would be non-essential for immediate survival in a life and death situation: digestion, sleep and wound healing. This is helpful short-term, but with long-term stress it leads to digestive problems, insomnia and prolonged recovery times from physical injuries or illnesses.

Many people feel a rush of energy when they are stressed and thrive on it, so reducing stress-levels may not seem attractive, when their experience of less stress is one of fatigue and emptiness. However, this is not what real relaxation is about: fatigue and a feeling of dullness or emotional numbing are a consequence of stress, not of relaxation.

True stress relief leads to increased energy levels, better focus, more life enjoyment and improved physical resilience.
The human body is wired to survive, heal and thrive, if we work with it, not against it.

With my best wishes,

Stephanie x