Stress and trauma can allow us to find our better selves

People who have experienced difficulties in life, often have something special about them.

Many are familiar with post-traumatic stress, however 70% of people going through hard times experience post-traumatic growth, with positive psychological transformation such as creativity, empathy, gratitude and altruism, due to a profound challenge of previous life beliefs.

I attended a scientific symposium in Bristol on PTSD at the end of last year, during which researchers shared the latest understanding of how stress and trauma affects humans emotionally and physically. While searching for treatments it is becoming clear, that adverse childhood events predispose for later post-traumatic stress, with sensory memory regions of the brain becoming activated.

This is exactly how Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting work to help people recover from stress and trauma: using physical sensory information we find the reason for why someone was vulnerable for a certain type of trauma and then transform the underlying subconscious beliefs into empowering messages for self-development, moving from distress to growth.

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With my best wishes,

Stephanie x