Tension Release Exercises (TRE)

Tension Release Exercises (TRE) allow the body to let go of the past

During danger the body naturally curls into a protective brace position and goes rigid. It is not just ‘real’ physical danger to our lives that causes this, but also virtual threats, such as any shock or trauma, which threatens our emotional, mental or spiritual well-being. After the threat has passed, this tension is normally released through trembling of the body. However, we have been conditioned to suppress this naturally occurring shaking. This means that the body physically holds on to the unhealthy charge of the stress and trauma through contractions in certain muscle groups. The tightness can remain and have long-term knock on effects on posture, skeletal system, inner organs and overall health. Tension Release Exercises were developed to overcome this.

While working in war torn areas of the world, Dr. David Bercelli PhD observed people shaking following danger in many different cultures and faith systems, and concluded that it is a universal healing response. He saw that the trembling was part of the normal recovery process and therefore developed simple exercises, which allow the body to imitate the conditions required to physically shake off any stress- or trauma-related tension. Although the TRE process is simple, it is often accompanied by profound emotional releases, mental processing, physical relaxation, and/or a sense of spiritual connectedness, thereby linking the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual human parts, which exist in all of us.

Tension Release Exercises can be done in one-to-one appointments with a therapist, in group settings, or alone at home as a self-help method. You can find out more about TRE here.

I don’t offer group TRE sessions, however you can book an individual appointment with me to learn the technique for self-help.