This is what my clients say about their treatments

“I started working with Stephanie for support with my holistic efforts to heal the complexities of chronic Lyme and co-infections. I believe that the previous seven years of chronic stress and past traumas contributed to these debilitating infections that keep persisting despite adhering to a healthy lifestyle and comprehensive medical intervention. Matrix sessions with Stephanie have been incredibly valuable to address the emotional aspects connected not just to this illness, but also past illnesses that had a pattern of occurring during...

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Moving on after a difficult relationship

IMG_0440_edited-1The breakup left her emotionally debilitated

“The treatments I have had with Stephanie have changed my life – I genuinely didn’t know I could feel this happy.

After leaving a difficult relationship behind I tried to move on positively with my life but found that strong emotions and negative patterns of thinking kept rearing their heads and literally debilitating me. I reached a point where I felt driven to find a way to free myself from this once and for all and I contacted Stephanie after a timely recommendation from a friend.

I was already aware of EFT and had used the technique myself...

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Lifelong anxiety eased

IMG_0102_edited-1Anxiety was ruining every area of life

“It is amazing how something that happened in your dim and distant past can have such an ongoing impact on your life in the present, without you even being aware of it. Such subtle and not so subtle influences, that have infiltrated your life, colour views without you even understanding why?

My relationship with anxiety did not start with an unfortunate experience from work, which is what I thought, as this was when I could no longer deal with it, but actually much earlier in my life as a young child. So much of the influences of your life depend on...

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Improved chronic pain and stiffness

Chronic back pain and stiffness was making life difficult

“Stephanie is a beautiful, compassionate, caring therapist and I highly recommend her work. I have already recommended her to several of my friends.

I have just finished a series of twelve EFT sessions with Stephanie. We have been working together since early this year on my deepest (and darkest) issues. None of these issues have fazed her in any way and she has helped me transform myself so that my emotional response is so much less than it used to be. The deep down emotional pain that I have carried all my life has gone and the...

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Return to career as a performing artist

Performing was impossible

“I cannot write enough to commend Stephanie for her professionalism and humanity – her input has, and will have I am sure, a lasting positive impact of my life, and for that I am deeply grateful to her.

When I learnt about the sessions I was curious but had no idea what to expect – it was a leap of faith for me, but I was so yearning for a help and change that I took it unquestioningly. Initially I was doubtful of how effective the sessions could be when I learnt they would be conducted via FaceTime/Skype but I soon realised my prejudice was ill-founded: after the...

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Reduced fear of the dark

Every night was filled with dread

“I cannot recommend Stephanie highly enough, for her genuine desire to help using her skills and abilities to their fullest. Her caring, gentle manner put me at ease immediately and continued through the many sessions we had together. I am so very grateful to Stephanie for freeing me from my own emotional prison… thank you.

My childhood was difficult and that was a theme which continued throughout my life. My fear of the darkness and what it holds has been with me since I can remember, and it has been paralysing at times.

Stephanie’s work has unlocked and...

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Improved business confidence

The fashion label dream was not getting off the ground

“I cannot recommend Stephanie’s work enough. I had sessions to work on issues relating to business and money; though the results have transcended all other areas of my life. When Stephanie and I first met, I had big dreams of setting up my own fashion label. I’d been working towards that dream for about 12 months but I just couldn’t seem to get things off the ground. In just six sessions, Stephanie had unlocked some deep rooted fears and anxieties that were holding me back, things that I had no idea about.

Since the sessions, things...

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Reduced exam anxiety and stress

Exam stress was draining all confidence

“In my exams in the month following my sessions with Stephanie, which were the final exams of my university degree, I performed better than I had performed in any other year of exams at university. Whereas previously I had not received a mark above 64, in my final year exams I received marks of 65, 68 and 75. I believe the increased confidence in my academic abilities that I gained through tapping sessions with Stephanie was a big contributing factor to my improved performance in my final year exams. I am now looking forward to studying a...

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