Who is responsible for your (un)happiness?

I found myself noticing recently that I was allowing my entire life to become overshadowed by some normal frustrations/delays, which I was experiencing in one small area. While reflecting on this during a walk this morning I came across this scene and had to laugh! This is not what I would expect ‘Happy Lane’ to look like!

So often we give away the responsibility for our own well-being by making it dependent on outside circumstances, which we may perceive as having little control over. I am not talking here about our natural grieving response to real human tragedies unfolding, but rather about how we experience our everyday ‘normal’ lives.

When learning to do Emotional Freedom Technique many people are surprised by how we start to work on whatever we are trying to address. At the beginning we always focus on the actual problem, speaking it out loudly, but then we follow it with a balancing statement. This is what it might look like: “Even though I have… (insert your problem), I am still ok”. This set up statement can be anything from “I love and accept myself”, to “I am a decent guy”, it doesn’t matter too much how you word it, as long as it is positive and makes sense to you.

The more I do EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, the more profound I find this: no matter what is happening to us, and no matter how we’re feeling, we are always completely worthy in our humanity and that is worth taking note of and expressing openly. In doing so, we stop being victims and begin to take back the power over our life.

While taking the photo I was briefly blocking the entrance to ‘Happy Lane’ for a driver who was trying to reverse into it, due to the traffic ahead being slowed down by a bin lorry. I had heard a car honking, but it didn’t occur to me that I was the reason… It was only when the driver got out of the car and spoke to me directly that I realised. Our eyes met for a second and my heart went out to her, she was clearly very stressed, cross and unhappy. I knew exactly how she felt…

Today, why not give yourself some appreciation for trying your best despite adversity? Really know in your heart and mind, and feel in your body, that irrespective of the circumstances, you are valuable, not despite, but because of who you really are. Nobody and nothing can ever take that away from you.

With my best wishes,

Stephanie x